The Afro: Combing Afro Hair With Comfort

If I was given a coin for each time I’ve been asked this question, well I may class myself a coin collector. Understandably the thicker your Afro (mine is regarded as 4C), the more care you put into keeping it neat, and combing it properly becomes somewhat of a ritual.

Well, you asked how I comb my thick Afro hair, and I am here to share it all.

1. WET or DAMP
I only comb my hair when it is wet or at least damp. I have never attempted to comb my hair when it is dry. Combing dry hair will in no doubt be painful, and may cause breakage. So when you are preparing to comb your hair, be sure to have your spray bottle (water) in hand.

Separate your damp hair into small sections. The thicker/longer your hair is; the smaller the sections. Sectioning your hair makes it easy to comb.

Apply a generous amount of your chosen product to your sectioned hair (one small section). Some people will prefer leave-in-conditioner or moisturiser, but I use coconut oil, which I have been told does not work for everyone (magically it softens my hair!).

While massaging the product into your hair from the roots to the ends, use your fingers to detangle your hair. This step requires time and patience and should not be rushed. If you come across a knot, take your time and finger-detangle it all.

Once your hair is finger-detangled, you will need a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through your hair. If you realise your hair is still tangled, please re-visit step 4. When combing your hair, start from the ends and slowly work your way up, each time going closer to your roots.

Once a section of your hair is moisturised, finger-detangled and combed, you will either have to braid or twist that section before you proceed to the next sectioned hair. I always twist mine, as I find it easier.

Now it is time to repeat Step 1-6 on all sections until all head has been completed. If you are working on wet hair, leave to air-dry. Now your hair is combed, you can style as desired. I often unravel the twists and using my fingers, pick my Afro to a desired shape.

Thank you for reading and leave your comments/questions below.
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